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Discover the key photography elements that will take your shots to the next level. Learn how to master composition, lighting, and more for stunning and captivating photographs.
Shape: elements of visual design, part 2 | Boost Your PhotographyLearn how "seeing" shapes will make a positive impact in your photography! Shape Photography, Digital Photography Lessons, Manual Photography, Photography Settings, Photography Challenge, Composition Photography, Learning Photography, Photography Camera, Creative Photography

This month's Boost Your Photography: 52 Weeks Challenge is focusing in on the basic elements of composition: line, shape, form or volume, texture, and color. This week your challenge is to pay attention to shape. See how thinking about shapes can help you grow in your photography. (Click here to read part 1, The Line.) Shape Photography, by its very nature, takes a three-dimensional world and renders it in two dimensions. A study of shape moves us from the one-dimensional focus of the line…

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