Pronoun antecedent agreement

Learn the rules of pronoun antecedent agreement and improve your writing skills. Explore examples and practice exercises to ensure clear and effective communication.
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Pronouns And Antecedents Worksheet. Pronouns And Antecedents Worksheet - Any worksheets had been designed fastidiously, with clear steps and extension duties. Indonesian children want to have the power to learn and understand affixes early, as many directions in worksheets and train books are written on this type. Therapist Aid has obtained permission to post the copyright protected works of

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TPG Survey: click here Aim: IWBAT ensure that antecedents agree with their pronouns. Who and me are both pronouns. video (the antecedent chant): pronoun/antecedent agreement Tasks: 1. Do Now: Complete the following activities (in order): A: Select the correct pronoun: Pronoun Poppers 1 (mild) B: Select the correct pronoun: Pronoun Poppers 2 (mild) C: Write the correct pronoun: Pronoun Clubhouse (mild) D: Select the correct pronoun: Which Pronoun? (medium) E: Select the correct pronoun…

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