Semi flush ceiling lights

Enhance the ambiance of your room with stylish and versatile semi flush ceiling lights. Discover top ideas to add a touch of sophistication to your space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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One of the projects we’re focusing on this year (as outlined in this post) is the hallways. Often forgotten about, and yet, passed through all. the. time. We have two significant hallways (upstairs and downstair) we want to make some intentional design decisions about and I always gather inspiration first. The thing I realized makes […]

Alicia Henry
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Recently, I had a sweet reader inquire about flush mount lights. She is working with a shorter ceiling but still wants something unique and beautiful. I was more than happy to curate a few of my favorites. I feel like flush mounts lights are really having their moment right now. They certainly aren't what they

Susanne Horton
17 of the Prettiest Neutral Paint Colors | Making Lemonade Laundry Room Lighting, Kitchen Lighting Fixtures, Living Room Lighting, Hallway Light Fixtures, Kitchen Flush Mount Lighting Ideas, Affordable Lighting Fixtures, Brushed Bronze Light Fixtures, Flush Mount Light Fixtures, Lights For Living Room

Starting your search for the best neutral paint colors? Look no further! We’ve scouted out 17 of the prettiest neutral paint colors– gorgeous shades of white, ivory, gray, beige, tan and silvery greens and blues– to help you create a cohesive, relaxing home retreat. We’ve lived in our new home for a year and a...

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