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Discover simple and practical ideas to incorporate the simple living lifestyle into your everyday routine. Simplify your life and find joy in the little things.
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The joy of using things up is important in our journey of frugal minimalism (frugality pairs exceptionally well with minimalism). Using items until they have nothing left to give allows us the opportunity to fully experience each item. Because if we tire of an item quickly or buy new things frequently, would we still be able to experience the benefits of each item and fully use them? Probably not.

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recipes + simple living tutorials for your home and homestead. Get Free Recipes In Your Inbox Let's get to Learnin' Learn All About Simple Living . :) Welcome! I'm Katie! My journey to homesteading is a story of transformation, a path that led me from the hustle and bustle of city life to the tranquil rhythms of the countryside. It?s a tale of embracing simplicity, sustainability, and the profound joy of growing and creating with my own hands. Top 10 Favorites Live Simply No matter where you…

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