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Discover unique and stylish sleeve ideas to elevate your wardrobe. From bell sleeves to ruffled sleeves, find inspiration to add a trendy touch to your outfits.
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Who would've thought that creating a pretty and elegant ruffled sleeve could be this easy with this simple sewing trick by Trefa Craft on YouTube! After learning this trick, I must admit that I'm quite tempted to sew all of my sleeves like this, it's just so cute. Materials: A piece of paper that's about

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You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress. It has all the lines that flatter the feminine body. Petaluma is a faux wrap dress. It has the same beautiful lines, but with the convenience of a regular dress. In this edition of Make It Wear It blog series, Jaime is showing us the how she […]

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GOOD MORNING from Chicago!!! I survived the weekend! What a whirlwind weekend it was. The weekend began with a party that we hosted for our dance club. The party was originally supposed to take place the previous Saturday, but we were rained out, so they asked if they could come the following Saturday. The only problem was that we were hosting a fund raiser for the Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. But once I thought about it, I decided, why not? So a party on Saturday and a party on…

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