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Basic Sketching, Basic Drawing, Drawing Lessons, Art Lessons, Basics Of Drawing, Drawing Classes, Shading Drawing, Texture Drawing, Pencil Shading Techniques “How to Draw Cool Stuff: Basics, Shading, Texture, Pattern and Optical Illusions” is the second book in the How to Draw Cool Stuff series. Inside you will find simple illustrations that cover the necessities of drawing cool stuff. Specific exercises are provided that offer step-by-step guidelines for drawing a variety of subjects. Each lesson starts with an easy-to-draw shape that will become the basic structure of the drawing. From there, each step adds elements to that…

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Walking home alone and feeling uneasy? Getting a weird vibe from a stranger on the bus? Many of us have been there. But learning self-defense techniques — and practicing them regularly — may save your day. Here are eight self-defense moves any beginner can use to escape an attacker.

Michelle Horn