Writing rubrics for first grade

Improve your first-grade students' writing skills with these effective rubrics. Discover how to assess and provide valuable feedback to encourage growth and development in their writing abilities.
This is part of the free editing set from First Grade Wow. For kindergarten, I use it to show what they can do (smiley face in the check box) and what their newest personal challenge is (I highlight the check box). They keep it in their writing folders. It helps differentiate learning and gives each student focus. There are many other useful pages in the packet, too. All free! English, Pre K, Second Grade Writing, Writing Skills, First Grade Writing, Writing Strategies, 2nd Grade Writing, Teaching Writing, Writing Rubric

Hello Everyone! I love helping first graders express themselves through writing. For me, the first semester of first grade is all about creating a safe environment for them to feel comfortable putting their thoughts down on paper. We work on all the different ways to incorporate written expression into our day. I just love when one of my little would rather write than do anything else! Well we are now all about making our great writing even better...That means editing. I don't know about…

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Hi Everyone! Last week I updated my writing rubrics pack again. This update includes all new rubrics with the common core standards right on them. The other rubrics were not grade-specific, but these ones are. I added rubrics for kindergarten through third grade. For each grade there is a conventions rubric and narrative, opinion, and ... Read More about Writing Rubrics for Common Core

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