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Winter Solstice
✦ Place May flowers and symbols of fertility at your altar. Add any other symbols that represent your intentions for spring that you would like to see be harvested by autumn. 
✦ With your community take ribbons and head outdoors. Pick out a tree that speaks to you and ask for permission to use its brances for the ritual. Once you have received the yes from the tree, tie the ribbons among the tree branches, each ribbon representing the intentions you and your community hold in your hearts. Beltane, May Flowers, Fertility, Rituals, Taurus, Fairies, Honor, Pleasure, Dancing
Beltane, the celebration of fertility: Now is the time to honor the Goddess within. This day marks light, fertility, sensual activities such as dance, ceremony, pleasure. It is a celebration for the season to come representing passion and desires. Dancing is a major part of this day. It typically took place around a tree, which later on developed into a maypole. It is said that fairies awoke during this day. #beltane #ritual #flower
Journaling Prompts
✦ Reflect on how the season of Spring has been treating you so far. 
✦ What is your intention this Beltane? 
✦ What have you been doing to nurture your seeds of intentions to grow and blossom? 
✦ Write a list of actionable steps you can take. Midway Point, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Hemisphere, Journal Prompts, Nurturing
In the beginning of May, the fertile and reemerging energies of Spring are in full bloom. Beltane represents the midway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. In the South, this would be in the beginning of November. Find more rituals in the article #beltane #ritual #journaling
How to Honor Spring

✦ Create a flower mandala outdoors as an offering to Mama Earth.
✦ Walk barefoot to ground your energies. 
✦ Write a detailed list of your intention and make a plan around it.
✦ Adorn your altar with symbolism of spring and the air element.
✦ Give your space a spiritual cleanse by cleaning your home with salt, lemon essential oils, (moon)water. Wipe down the floors with these mixture. Bless your home while cleaning, knowing that you are clearing the path and starting anew. Spring Equinox Ritual, Spring Ritual, Aries Season, Making Space, Make A Plan, Lemon Essential Oils, Flower Mandala, Spring Cleaning
Ideas of practices to honor spring #spring #rituals #practice
Rituals are an inherent part of life. When done with intentionality, our day-to-day rituals can be enhanced with positivity, joy and love. Learn how to create ritual. #ritual #intention Have A Day, Seasonal Flowers, Make A Wish, Intentions, Positivity, Joy, Learning, Create
Rituals are an inherent part of life. When done with intentionality, our day-to-day rituals can be enhanced with positivity, joy and love. Learn how to create ritual. #ritual #intention
How to create a Spring Equinox ritual: 
✦ Decorate your home with spring flowers 
✦ Create a list of your desires for this spring - what seeds are you planting this spring? 
✦ Place your intention list at your altar. Decorate your altar with further symbolism that represent what you are calling in.
✦ Connect with the air element. Take a moment to meditate and breath deeply into this space Rebirth, This Is Us
Rituals and practices to celebrate and honor the Spring Equinox #rituals #practices #equinox #spring
How to Honor Winter:
✦  Allow your energies to turn within
✦  Nurture your home, as if it were a sacred space of restoration
✦  Keep out any electronics from your bedroom in order to create an oasis of recovery
✦  Say no to social engagements that do not feel in alignment with where you are at, without the guilt
✦  Spend your days in the comfort of your home, with people you nourish your soul. Social Engagement, Sacred Space, Guilt, Symbols, Turn Ons, Sayings, Feelings
Rituals for Winter #rituals #winter
Journaling Prompts
✦  What has the winter brought in lessons? 
✦  Do I resist the dark and stillness? 
✦  How can I embrace the dark periods in my life with more love and compassion? 
✦  How are ways I can honor the cold and dark season of winter? 
✦  What are my intentions for winter solstice and the rest of the winter season ahead? 
✦  What are some obstacles that might stand in the way of these intentions? 
✦ What enlightened action steps can I take towards my intentions? Winter Solstice Rituals, Inner Guidance, Spirit Guides, Yule, Winter Season, Gathering, Dec, Journaling
Journaling prompts for your Winter solstice rituals #ritual #journaling #solstice #winter
How to create a Winter Solstice ritual: 
✦  Sacred space : adorn your sacred space/moon altar with objects/plantsthat represent winter. Light an incense and a candle and let them burn out along with it.
✦Make a fire: go outdoors and create a fire with your friends and family. Gather around the fire and have a release ritual.  
✦ Candles only: in the evening, turn off all the lights and have only candles lit in all of the rooms, or in the room you are in. Honoring the darkness outside, as within How To Make Fire, Go Outdoors, Grimoire, Witchy
Rituals and practices to celebrate and honor the Winter Solstice #rituals #practices #solstice
Honor this season of fall by bringing in symbols of autumn: 

pumpkins in different shapes and forms 
leaves collected from walks 
go on long walks in the forest and admire the changing colors 
make a list of all that you are grateful for this year so far
write down what you are ready to transform and release this autumn
adorn your altar with autumn symbols and the wild woman archetype Lists To Make, Shape And Form, Archetypes, Autumn, Seasons, Writing
Rituals & practices to honor the season of Autumn
create an altar for your ancestors
call upon any good-willed spirits. speak to them and share your intentions or questions
place any photos of the ancestors you would like to connect with and honor 
place items of the season to bring in the current collective energy 
place an offering for your ancestors
create a list of your what you are grateful for 
create a list of your desires to create powerful intention
burn Copal essence at your altar
create a card spread with your oracle/tarot cards Samhain Ritual, Autumnal Equinox, We Energies, Dried Flowers, Burns, Meant To Be
Rituals & practices for Samhain