PROSPETTIVA _ More intricate frame work - more space to hang work? but also leads people through

Paul Klee ~ In the Beginning, 1916

1916 Paul Klee 'In the Beginning'. Paul Klee: 'Everything vanishes around me, and works are born as if out of the void. Ripe, graphic fruits fall off. My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will'.

Paul Klee

Rough-Cut Head Artist:Paul Klee (German (born Switzerland), Münchenbuchsee Muralto-Locarno) Medium:Ink wash and graphite on paper mounted on cardboard × 10 in

nathan manire - portraits, created using only dots of watercolor paint <3

nathan manire - portraits, created using only dots of watercolor paint (T: self portrait idea?

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Layer Drawings by Nobuhiro Nakanishi Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi photographs a scene repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each.

Franz Kline. 1910 - 1962. Pennsylvania USA. Abstract painting. Abstract expressionism. Action painting.

( American artist Franz Kline in his studio photographed by John Cohen. via art history about abstract expressionism

Francis Bacon

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Franz Kline (American painter) known as an abstract expressionist. His type of abstract painting is labeled as an action player which involved a spontaneous and intense style. He is best known for his black and white compositions. His later compositions did involve subtle color but were not as well received.

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Franz Kline and one of his monumental Abstract Expressionist paintings (photo by Aaron Siskind)

Zinc Yellow, 1959 by Franz Kline

Zinc Yellow Franz Kline American Zinc Yellow, 1959 Oil on canvas Collection Highlights — Chrysler Museum of Art

Abstract expressionist Franz Kline (American 1910-1966)

A low platform bed frame stained black alongside marble-topped tables achieves the effect. An oversize black and white graphic painting against beige walls helps furniture to feel grounded in the soaring room.

Franz Kline - black and white, 1951

Harold rosenberg action painting essay The term "action painting" was first employed in Rosenberg's essay "American Action Painters. Harold Rosenberg modeled the term "action painting" on his.

Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid… Complete With an All Seeing Eye… in the Middle of Nowhere? | RiseEarth

Why Did the U. Construct An Uncapped Pyramid… Complete With An All Seeing Eye… In The Middle Of Nowhere? (Photos) Posted on February 2015 by A monumental pyramid in the middle of nowhere monitoring the end of the world on radar.

Franz Kline, 1956

Franz Kline was an American painter mainly associated with the abstract expressionist movement centered around New York in the