First impresions

The Fuji was recently released here in Singapore and I managed to get my hands on a set. It has been a long time since I bought a compact digital camera and I have been looking out for a general purpose carry everywhere camera for quite a while now.

Botoneras para el disparador

The Fujifilm features a threaded shutter button just like it's older sibling, the It's perfect for attaching one of my favorite accessories, a sof.

Marumi 40mm UV multicoated

Marumi Camera Filters 2016 Protective Clear and UV Filters for digital SLRs

Primeras pruebas con x Pro-1

Primeras pruebas con x Pro-1


JJC Metal Filter Adapter Ring and Lens Hood for Fujifilm Fuji

Boton para el disparador de la X10

Soft releases and Leica M and accessories such as Thumbs Up

Parasol para esta magnífica cámara

Fujifilm has always provided attractive accessory kits to compliment their X series cameras, and the new Fuji is no exception.