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A unique gift idea from the heart of Switzerland… Make a Swiss Army Knife! Swiss Army Knife, Switzerland, Unique Gifts, Gift Ideas, Heart, How To Make, Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Original Gifts, Hearts

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If, like me, you struggle to think of original ideas for presents for the men in your life, then why …

Living in Luzern is now on Pinterest Live

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Living in Luzern is now on Pinterest

Dads Group Gets EXCLUSIVE Access to Kinderland on Saturdays Dads, Group, Outdoor Decor, Parents, Fathers

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Dads Group Gets EXCLUSIVE Access to Kinderland on Saturdays

Social Networking Sites were intentionally made for the people to share their social life over internet. The name Social Network itself te. Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Likes, Facebook Timeline, For Facebook, Facebook News, Facebook Profile, Facebook Business, Hack Facebook, Anti Facebook

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Facebook Groups are rather new but have become widely popular in Switzerland. If you are on Facebook, it is …

All For Kids 2012 Holiday Catalog Holidays With Kids, Catalog, Brochures

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All For Kids 2012 Holiday Catalog

Stress Relief Self Empowerment Natural Genius Soul's Purpose Empowered Menopause Weight Loss Alternative Health & Wellness Conscious Parenting Relationship Coaching Spiritual Connection Sports. Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Facial Yoga, Conscious Parenting, Employee Recognition, Relationship Coach, Self Empowerment, Anatomy And Physiology

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This post may be the first time you have ever heard of Craniosacral Therapy. I had no clue what …

Luzern Market has all the ingredients for a great Autumn Pumpkin Soup! Pumpkin Soup, Fall Pumpkins, Autumn, Spaces, Butternut Squash Soup, Squash Soup, Fall, Summer Squash Soup

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The Luzern Market is right outside my doorstep and is active on Tuesday and Saturday morning. Yet, in the four …

Ski Snowboard Academy Ski And Snowboard, Skiing, Anime, Places, Lucerne, Ski, Anime Shows, Anime Music, Anima And Animus

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One of the great advantages of being plugged into all the different Yahoo expat groups is access to information …

nodorsil – The Magic White Sponge My Future Job, Job Description, Magic

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When I was a little girl, I’m not sure my future job description was ever ‘housewife.’ Yet, at 32 (nearly …

All For Kids Facebook Page and Birthday Club Birthday Club, Facebook, Kids, Children, Baby Boys, Child, Babys, Babies

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All For Kids Facebook Page and Birthday Club

Come and visit us at table 80 the in Zürich on September Logo Design, September 2, Logos, Zurich, Geneva, Events, Twitter, Table, Lucerne

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Luzern Expat Expo 2012

Luvina Leaves an Impression! Southern Prep, Leaves, Style, Lucerne, Stylus

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Luvina Leaves an Impression!