Little people

Collection by Julie Marsh

From Seala The Seal Girl’s autobiographical pamphlet:   was born in Paris, Texas, November 26, 1919, of Scotch-Irish parentage. My mother was not frightened by a seal or anything else, not even the size of the hospital bill. People often ask me what caused my deformity. My mother was very ill in 1918 (the year of the flu epidemic in the United States) and did not have enough strength for me to develop normally.

peluang usaha -

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Midget booty

Midget booty


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little munchkins

little munchkins

Chaffer's Midget Revue

Midget Direction.


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mini-me*my favorite dwarf* but he still scares me

Oh no – It’s Mini Me!

Man oh man – I try to take my birthday a little light and I wake up to some crazy news that Oracle has some Exadata mini type machine. Are ya kidding me? – first off, wasn’t Exadata touted as the s…

Little people performers

Little people performers

St Patrick*dwarf*green*Beer

i think i have sufficient evidence now to safely conclude that all monkeys are super creepy.

pictures – Experiment IV

a thousand words.