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I will now be on the hunt for wool sweaters. It's beautiful!


Someone emailed me recently and asked me to explain how I made the felted sweater blanket I have posted on my projects page. I found some old pictures on my laptop and put this post together.

Felt + embroidery + button

Miluščina brožka

Brož z filcu s knoflíkem, vyšívaná bavlnkama. Opatřena brožovým můstkem. Je mírně vypouklá, vycpaná dutým vláknem. Průměr brože 6 cm. Módní doplněk s mnohostran

felted snowman

Wool Weekend: Needle Felted Acorns DIY Tutorial

I have a confession to make...I'm an addict. An addict to creating. You see, if too many days go by without allowing my little fingers to create something, I just don't feel like myself. I think I inherited this from...

Barn Owl Needle Felted Wool Sculpture -aww love this! @Cm Scraplady could you felt this for me?

FREE SHIPPING - Barn Owl Needle Felted Wool Sculpture

Barn Owl Needle Felted Wool Sculpture -aww love this! @Cm Scraplady could you felt this for me?

DIY: Felted Wool Sweater Blanket Tutorial

Felted Wool Sweater Blanket Tutorial

Yellow Suitcase Studio | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tree made from a repurposed wool sweater

gray felted sweater tree

blogged at www.providencehandmade.blogspot.com

Torn edge, stamped image. Love the shading of paper colors from light to dark. Notice how the button is attached to the main ribbon with a rafia "thread"!

Technique Tuesday: Just Believe

Did you see that? Somebody tore my paper! :) I haven't been feeling well today, so I did a simple card today using a couple of different easy techniques. First, I tore my card stock. For me, this technique is VERY stressful because I do not like tearing up stuff. *shudder* I think I got a little carried away, but anyway... I then colored my stamp with markers. After it was colored, I lightly spritzed it with water and then stamped it. This gives it a slight watercolor effect without actually…

How to felt old wool sweaters


I hope you guys are enjoying Felt Week! I've been learning a lot about needle felting, a craft that Angel has told me about for years but that I finally discovered for myself this week. More on that tomorrow... For now, I'd like to focus on a different kind of wool felt: felted old sweaters! Wool and felt come in so many forms and are used in a variety of ways in the worlds of craft and fashion. One super cool aspect of the felting process is that it can allow you to re-purpose old woven or…

felted robin's nest ornament DIY - I see a use for some of that blue dryer lint!  Can roll it into Robins Eggs for these little nests.

"Edds for Mama robin bird!"

My ornaments for the 4th Annual Holiday Ornament Swap. And here is how to make them. First, you'll knit the nest. Worsted weight 100% wool yarn in a nesty color. Size 11 double point needles. (I knit tightly and generally have to go up two needles sizes on a pattern, so you might be able to get away with 10s or 10.5s if you are a looser knitter and that is what you have on hand.) CO 24 stitches and divide onto three needles. Knit 6-8 rounds depending on if you like a deeper or more shallow…

felted wool crafts - Google Search

Felt Flower Mini Tote

Use felted wool sweaters to sew a mini felt tote adorned with felt flowers and other embellishments. Reinvent your old or damaged wool sweaters or pick some up from the thrift store for this clever sewing craft.

Great DIY for wool felt bags as an alternative to traditional Easter baskets. They'd make great little bags for kids after Easter too!

Purl's Easter Egg Hunt Bags DIY

Adorable little DIY coming from the folks at Purl Soho today using some ric-rac and ribbon to create these Easter Egg Hunt Bags. Loving the spring colours! Click here for the how-to.

Sew Basics: Felting Wool

Sew Basics: Felting Wool

Last week I happened upon the mother-load of wool sweaters at my local thrift store - only $1 per piece! I'm always hunting for 100% wool ...

Recycled Wool Sweaters Felted Kitty Meows Plushies Tripp

Recycled Wool Sweaters Felted Kitty Meows Plushies Tripp

These plushie Kitty Meows are made from recycled felted wool sweaters. They are individually handmade no two are a like, They are squidgy and cute,they are small enough to take along with you anywhere. They all have their own personalities and names. Keep them in your car, or on your desk at work. Give them as a gift to brighten someones day. This listing is for Tripp, the multi-colored Striped kitty Measurements approx 7 inches tall or 18cm. Note: These are not intended for Children…

4 DIY felted wool sweater crafts from 1 sweater

felted wool sweater fun

This adoption journey has got us thinking of finances. And since I love to craft, I thought it would be fun to make a little extra money doing what I enjoy. So in honor of my first ever table at...