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WineBottler | 1.7.33 - MikesMassiveMess

Just bumping Wine to 1.7.33. By the Way: You can find news on WineBottler now on weibo and vk, too! As usual: head over to and grab your copy 🙂 . enjoy Mike PS Known Problems: winemenubuilder.exe still gives me false positives with some AV-scanner.

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WineBottler | 1.8-rc4 - MikesMassiveMess

Yep... Wine is turning final to a new stable! ... and so is WineBottler. After the dust of the major changes in WineBottler 1.7.52 have settled, this one comes only with minor fixes and improvements. The most important might be the rebinding of the CMD-key. As 80% have voted on having the CMD-key doing the …

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WineBottler | 1.7.52 - MikesMassiveMess

WineBottler 1.7.52 is a major update which sports some thrilling new features. Runs on OS X El Capitan Probably the most important feature is the update to run on OS X El Capitan. In Apples proven one-two-combination, after the visual fixes in OS X Yosemite, we could expect a major cleanup in OS X El …

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WineBottler | 1.7.32 - MikesMassiveMess

Working on the UI Finally got around to drop the skeuomorphism in WineBottler - it was kind of looking like an alien on Yosemite ... ... but it looks like there is still some way to go, again :). ... and of corse we included the most recent Wine: Wine changelog: By the Way: …