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The Atheist Next Door Ishtar Easter, History Facts, Art History, Ishtar Goddess, Pagan Festivals, World Mythology, Anti Religion, Bible Knowledge, Ancient Mysteries

The Atheist Next Door

Just your friendly neighborhood heathen!Have a question? Just ask! (Responses will be posted unless you request a private answer.)

What is the real historical and Biblical truth about who changed the Sabbath to Sunday? Where in the Bible do we find one single legitimate scripture . Illuminati, Sun Worship, Religion, Babylon The Great, 12 Tribes Of Israel, Bible Truth, History Facts, Black History, Ancient History

Nothing new under the sun! Qam Yasharahla! Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy is commanded of us by our Heavenly Father Ahayah Ashar Ahayah and Rejoice in it! because it is done on Earth as in Heaven, Ah Mon

No one knows when Jeshua was actually born, nor when he died. Don't think the Romans kept a record of those things back then. Samhain, Anti Religion, Asatru, Sabbats, Anglo Saxon, Book Of Shadows, Gods And Goddesses, Thought Provoking, Christianity


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So who are you praising when you say or wish someone Happy Easter Watch the eye opening video presented by 119 Ministries 119 Ministries, Creepy History, Black Hebrew Israelites, Pagan Gods, Queen Of Heaven, Christianity, Spirituality, Faith, Sayings

So 'who are you praising' when you say or wish someone 'Happy Easter' ?!?!? Watch the eye opening video presented by 119 Ministries.

Easter is a day that is honered by nearly all of contemporary Christianity and is used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.The holiday often involves a church service at sunrise, a feast which includes an Carthage, Menorah, Pagan Origins Of Easter, Easter Pagan, Origin Of Christianity, Feasts Of The Lord, Pagan Festivals, Babylon The Great, Jesus Resurrection

From the article: "The name “Easter” has its roots in ancient polytheistic religions (paganism). On this, all scholars agree. This name is never used in the original Scriptures, nor is it ever associated biblically with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ." a good site explaining this holiday deep pagan origins! Lots of historical FACTS!

Mesopotamia, Sumerian Goddess Inanna, also known as Ishtar or Ereshkigal 'Queen of the Night' Century B. Goddess Ishtar, the roots of later Christian celebrated 'Easter,' Christianity having Pagan roots. Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Civilizations, Mesopotamia Antigua, Egyptians, British Museum, Women In History, Art History

Babylonia, goddess Ishtar or Ereshkigal 'Queen of the Night' 18th C. BC

The figure holds the ring of justice and the rod, symbols of divinity, in her raised hands. She has wings, and talons for feet and stands on the backs of lions flanked by owls. Ishtar was the Mesopotamian goddess of war and sexual love: her sister Ereshkigal was goddess of the Underworld, 'Queen of the Night'. Traces of original colour. Babylonia (Iraq), first half of 18th century B.C. The British Museum, London UK