Kitchen Cactus: Blackberry Coffee Cake

A coffee cake made well can be dangerously addictive, but oftentimes they turn out flavorless and dry. When I came across this variations,.

Kitchen Cactus: Banana Nut Muffins

When I feel like baking, but don't really know what to make, I like to check out Joy of Baking for inspiration.

Kitchen Cactus: Leonie's Banana Bread

During one of my high school spring breaks, my mom and I went to New Zealand to visit some family. While we were there, my aunt Leonie made.

Kitchen Cactus: Almond Coffee Cake

I have a thing for almonds and all things almond flavored. Whether it's marzipan, almond extract, or almond paste, I love any baked g.

Kitchen Cactus: Raspberry-Topped Lemon Muffins

In a way, muffins have always confused me. They're considered a breakfast food, but they border on being a dessert.

Kitchen Cactus: Snickerdoodle Muffins

I realize cinnamon is not really a summer flavor, but I made these last week and loved them. I didn't feel like running out to buy ingredie.

I have been on a baking kick lately and my friends are probably tired of my coming over with a bunch of baking experiments.

Kitchen Cactus: Oat Banana Bread

I recently had a case of too many ripe bananas in my house. though I usually freeze them for smoothies, I decided to use a few of the a.

Kitchen Cactus: Blueberry Lemon Loaf Cake

I have been on a blueberry spree lately, only to realize that I had gone a bit overboard a needed to make something with them aside fr.

Kitchen Cactus: Overnight French Toast Casserole

Many years ago a friend of mine brought a french toast casserole to a potluck and I remember loving it.