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Their compact size means that Swiss cities embody quality of life and urban flair. You’ll find well-preserved historical centres, modern architectural masterpieces and a vast number of green spaces – all within easy reach.

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10 urban classics | Switzerland Tourism

The Swiss Museum of Transport, Basel Zoo, the Château de Chillon… we’ve picked 10 classic city attractions in Switzerland you should get to know – or rediscover.

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City Breaks | Switzerland Tourism

Swiss cities never fail to impress visitors by their scope. Nowhere are attractions, cultural centres, innovative gastronomy, insider's tips and new favourite places in such close proximity as in Switzerland. Explore our cities like Zurich, Basel and Geneva on foot and discover their charm and authenticity.

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Parks and Squares | Switzerland Tourism

Swiss cities are renowned for their virtually rural character. No wonder given their glorious parks and idyllic gardens. So it’s hardly surprising that they also captivate nature lovers and those seeking relaxation.

Experience Swiss cities from lofty heights Switzerland Tourism, Park City, Cities, Relax, Basel, Architecture, Parks, Nature, Gardens

Parks and Squares | Switzerland Tourism

Swiss cities are renowned for their virtually rural character. No wonder given their glorious parks and idyllic gardens. So it’s hardly surprising that they also captivate nature lovers and those seeking relaxation.

The Swiss town of all contrasts Baden Switzerland, Switzerland Tourism, The Ch, River Bank, Lausanne, Resort Spa, Small Towns, Swimming, Urban

Baden | Switzerland Tourism

The small town of Baden is today both an industrial-urban settlement within the wider conurbation of Zurich. with modern, city foci, but also a tranquil thermal spa resort and cultural centre - a town of contrasts.

The Swiss thermal heaven Baden Switzerland, Switzerland Tourism, Atrium Hotel, Thermal Pool, Half Board, Spa Offers, Travel Information, Hot Springs, Resort Spa

A source of relaxation | Switzerland Tourism

Baden’s thermal springs have been attracting bathers from far and wide for over 2,000 years. At 47 degrees, the thermal waters here are not only among the warmest in Switzerland, they are also the most mineral-rich.

Let yourself be enchanted in the oldest city of Switzerland Chur Switzerland, Switzerland Tourism, Mediterranean Style, Old City, Old Town, Old Things, Europe, Urban, Architecture

Chur | Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland’s oldest city charms visitors with its fine mountain setting, twisting alleys and historic buildings. Numerous boutiques, restaurants, bars, museums and galleries in the largely traffic-free Old Town create a Mediterranean-style atmosphere.

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Over the roofs | Switzerland Tourism

A relaxed drink after work at a lofty height – or how about ritzy dining high about the rooftops? You’ll find an increasing number of rooftops in Swiss cities that meet their guests’ wishes in many respects. We reveal where your nearest rooftop experience is to be found.

Swiss city parks - small but even more attractive Switzerland Tourism, Lucerne Switzerland, Park City, Relax, Lugano, Urban, Architecture, Modern, Parks

Relax in the city | Switzerland Tourism

Escape the stresses of everyday life and discover a truly recuperative side to Switzerland’s towns and cities. Looking for somewhere peaceful and the chance to take a breather after an action-packed day? These great offers in an urban environment make this easy.

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Lake Zug Cruises | Switzerland Tourism

Right at the very heart of Central Switzerland, shared by cantons Zug, Schwyz and Lucerne, lies Lake Zug - Switzerland’s tenth largest lake.

Discover the Mediterranean ambience of Ascona, Switzerland Switzerland Tourism, Mediterranean Style, Old Town, Relax, Urban, Architecture, City, Building, Modern

Ascona | Switzerland Tourism

Ascona is Switzerland's lowest lying town. It is located at 196 meters above sea level on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore, also called Lake Langen. Ascona is famous for its mild climate, its Old Town and a lake promenade which is dotted with street cafés and boasts a Latin ambience.

Montreux, the paradise on lake Geneva Switzerland Tourism, Lake Geneva, Paradise, Urban, Adventure, Mountains, Landscape, Architecture, City

Montreux | Switzerland Tourism

From the lake to the mountains and vineyards, Montreux Riviera offers a postcard landscape. It’s an authentic little piece of paradise that has attracted many artists, writers and travellers in search of beauty, tranquillity and… inspiration.

The northernmost city in Switzerland offers more than you think Switzerland Tourism, Black Forest, Old Town, Day Trips, Medieval, Old Things, Urban, Facades, Architecture

Schaffhausen | Switzerland Tourism

Over the mediaeval Old Town of Schaffhausen looms the imposing Munot fortress. The houses of the Old Town are richly decorated with oriel windows and lavishly painted facades. The town, located on the Upper Rhine between the Black Forest and Lake Constance, and surrounded by vineyards, is a popular destination for holidays and day-trips.

Discover one of the most charming old towns in Switzerland Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Travel, Bergen, Old Town, Countryside, Paris Skyline, Cathedral, Facades, City

Fribourg / Freiburg | Switzerland Tourism

Drinking a cup of coffee in a leisurely fashion, admiring the old facades and beautiful fountains, listening to two local languages or gazing from the 74-meter spire of the Cathedral far into the countryside - this is an experience enjoyed in Fribourg (Freiburg).

This Swiss city attracts numerous companies, do you wonder why? Switzerland Tourism, Old Town, Attraction, Relax, Tower, Architecture, City, Landscapes, Mountain

Zug | Switzerland Tourism

The city of Zug, well-known for its low taxes and because it is the seat of numerous companies, was founded by the Kyburgers. Zyt Tower, which offers a magnificent view of the Old Town, the Zug Mountain and Lake Zug, is the city's landmark.

Locarno, where you can best enjoy the warm hours of sunshine Switzerland Tourism, Sunshine, Relax, Urban, Virgin Mary, Architecture, City, Modern, Warm

Locarno | Switzerland Tourism

2,300 hours of sunshine per year and a church established ater an appearance of the Virgin Mary - this is Locarno, the town with the warmest climate in Switzerland. It is located on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore.