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Tristan Artisan Chocolatier [Bougy-Villars - Switzerland] Switzerland, Artisan, Passion, Chocolate, Honeymoons, Craftsman, Schokolade, Chocolates

Tristan Artisan Chocolatier [Bougy-Villars - Switzerland]

Stazione della Posta [La Rösa - Switzerland] Mount Everest, Mountains, Unique, Switzerland, Beach, Water, Places, Join, Travel

Stazione della Posta [La Rösa - Switzerland]

Brücke 49 Hotel Pension, a modern-rustic, four-room guest house in the alpine spa town of Vals, is exactly where we& like to be right now. Scandinavian Modern, Architecture Design, Four Rooms, Style Deco, Living Spaces, Living Room, Living Area, Rooms For Rent, Deco Design

Brücke 49 - Switzerland : Brücke 49 is part of a small community of only 950 people who live in Vals and the surrounding mountains. Most of them work in farming or as artisanal craftsmen and it seemed natural to the owners to have them as partners.