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capoeira Fotografien

I am a visual artist and capoeirista, interested in cultur, music, fashion and sports. LS Visualisations is currently based in Basel, Switzerland.

3 capoeira festival basel | ls-visualisations

3. capoeira festival in basel

vivência musicalizacâo na capoeira

vivência musicalizacâo na capoeira | ls-visualisations

vivência musicalizacâo na capoeira

oficina com Mestre Balâo Photographs, Capoeira, Photos

oficina com Mestre Balâo | ls-visualisations

oficina com Mestre Balão

  Sumo, Photographs, Wrestling, Capoeira, Dios, Lucha Libre, Photos

maior é deus grande é joão

maior é deus grand é joâo

ao som do gunga Photographs, Capoeira, Photos

ao som do gunga | ls-visualisations

ao som do gunga

capoeira festival CTE suisse Photographs, Capoeira, Photos

festival CTE suisse | ls-visualisations

capoeira festival CTE suisse

1° ginga bienne Cultural Events, Mixed Media Artists, Photographs, Culture, Music, Sports, People, Capoeira, Musica
Mixed Media ArtistsCultureSports

1° ginga bienne | ls-visualisations

1° ginga bienne

35. festival brasil capoeira Photographs, Capoeira, Brazil, Photos

35. festival brasil capoeira | ls-visualisations

35. festival brasil capoeira

5° Jogos da Ass. Brasil Capoeira White Jeans, Photographs, Pants, Capoeira, Plays, Brazil, Trousers, Women's Pants, Women Pants
White JeansWomen's Pants

5° jogos brasil capoeira | ls-visualisations

5° Jogos da Ass. Brasil Capoeira