Land Rover Defender by Prindiville design. Luxury car - only 25 units in the world.

Prindiville Design is launching its new limited edition for the Land Rover Defender. Only 25 models in the world for a real luxury version of the well know SUV.

"We love to entertain you" with Lenny Kravitz - Pro7 tv.

pronounce Prosieben is a private german TV channel broadcasting since 1989 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their leitmotiv is "WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN

The Internet revolution – the figures

Here is the video of the week about how fast Earth population is growing and how faster the internet revolution is taking control of the planet.


The Blade Runner 2049 teaser trailer has arrived! Take a first look at the upcoming sequel to the science fiction classic from Arrival's Denis Villeneuve.


Blade Runner, among its many other achievements, stands as quite possible the only science-fiction movie whose visual effects still hold up.


Blade Runner 2049 represents the return of one of the most iconic movies of the Fans can talk about this movie for hours and it was definitely one of the

Top 5 most viewed Youtube videos ever

9 awesome fad dances to teach your kids - Today's Parent

Elie Semoun, Palais des Congrès

Elie Semoun, Palais des Congrès

The Luxury Channel, high class broadcasting

This week, I came across the website of the Luxury Channel. It is a new and exciting multimedia platform. It provides compelling, high quality TV programming