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Tiramisu inspired Swiss Roll Tiramisu, Baking Recipes, Shake, I Am Awesome, Rolls, Bread, This Or That Questions, Inspired, Tips

Tiramisu inspired Swiss Roll

Where have I been? Good question. I am not sure myself. But do you know these times, when time is always running low, when you should do this and that and in fact, your energy is just enough for ha…

An Italian favourite, Pumpkin Risotto! Pumpkin Risotto, Pumpkin Soup, Baking Recipes, Dishes, Vegetables, Shake, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Recipe

Pumpkin Risotto

Growing up I hardly remember any pumpking dishes on our plates. I only remember pumpkin soup. Only when I grew into my teens pumpkin became wider available and grew into a fashionable vegetable. I …

Milk chocolate and Cherry Squares with a melted white chocolate piece inside. Chocolate Squares, White Chocolate, Brownie Cookies, Baking Recipes, Shake, Brownies, Wordpress, Muffin, Cherry

Cherry Double Chocolate Squares

I am back! Actually I didn’t tell you that I would be gone in the first place. But I was enjoying some days in the wonderful Graubünden. And that’s what wonderful Flims looks like: …

Ovomaltine Brownies with Macademia Nuts Baking Recipes, Snack Recipes, National Holidays, Pop Tarts, Shake, Brownies, Wordpress, Chips, Eat

Ovo-Brownies for National Holiday

723 years. That’s how old Switzerland is getting today. Happy Birthday old fellow. So I thought I’d be in order to bake something swiss-ish. But I didn’t feel like eating some yea…

Pear and Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes Fall Dishes, Baking Recipes, Pear, Stuffed Mushrooms, Muffin, Pumpkin, Tasty, Bundt Cakes, Chocolate

Pear and Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes

I have been thinking about autumn dishes and bakes recently. I mean there is the obvious pumpkin and apple, mushrooms and chestnuts. But what about that tasty little fruit that always has to take a…

Is there a better cookie than the italian Cantucci? I don't think so. These are firm and crunchy but not too hard. Perfect with tea time! Baking Recipes, Shake, Tea Time, Almond, Wordpress, Cookies, Food, Cooking Recipes, Crack Crackers

Almond Cantucci

I have been very slow and lazy recently. My partner has packed his bags and left for his homeland for a year. Some more education is calling. So I’ve been feeling a bit lonely and down but ev…

Mocha Mousse with a hint of Grappa Silly Games, Mocha, Baking Recipes, Shake, Mousse, Stuffed Mushrooms, Wordpress, Dinner, Tableware

Mocha Mousse with a hint of Grappa

My brother and his wife were visiting us last weekend for a game night. Yes, we love games. Board games, card games, silly games, funny games… you name it! For dinner we had a raclette. Do y…

Cherry Tomato, Rosemary and Red Onion Fougasse. Types Of Bread, Cherry Tomatoes, Baking Recipes, Shake, Onion, Wordpress, Breakfast, Red, Cooking Recipes

Cherry Tomato, Rosemary and Red Onion Fougasse

I have been seeing so many wonderful posts about the French Fougasse all over the internet lately. I have never tasted Fougasse, but it just looks so wonderful. It’s elegant leaf shape lends…

A whole lunch for 5 people. Including Gazpacho Soup, 3 different Baquette Sandwiches, Gooseberry Cupcakes and Iced Tea! Gazpacho Soup, Iced Tea, Baking Recipes, Shake, Sandwiches, Cupcakes, Lunch, Breakfast, People

Lunch for Film Crew

For all of those of you who don’t know yet (I suppose all of you), my partner is trying to get into the film business. He attended the right schools, dreamt appropriate dreams (well sort of) …

 With it's moist texture it's the perfect cake for a hot summer's day. Berry Cake, Quick Bread, How To Make Cake, Baking Recipes, Shake, Breads, Muffins, Berries, Wordpress

Red Berry Cake

I found this recipe in the most popular Swiss cooking magazine. Betty Bossi. It’s the kind of magazine (and books) my grandmother had already used and which has established itself as THE cook…

Hühnchen Pilz Pie: Ein saftiger Pie mit einem erfrischenden Sommersalat! Ale, Rind, Spanakopita, Baking Recipes, Chicken, Meat, Ethnic Recipes, Desserts, English Cuisine

Hühnchen Pilz Pie

Was passt nicht besser zu den “Britischen Wochen” als ein schön saftiger Pie? Immer nur süss, ist ja auch langweilig, daher kommt bei mir heute mal was währschaftlich salziges auf den T…

Fun buttery bread that just belongs to a Swiss Christmas! Gingerbread Cookies, Baking Recipes, Waffles, Breakfast, Desserts, How To Make, Fun, Christmas, Gifts

Grittibänz (or soft buttery bread)

Today is the 6th of December. We all know what this means, don’t we? Samichlaus is here. ‘Samichlaus’ is the Swiss version of St. Nicholas and usually stops by every Swiss house (usually only house…

Florentines - the best cookies in the world. Baking Recipes, Shake, Cookies, Sweet, How To Make, Cooking Recipes, Crack Crackers, Biscuits, Grilling Recipes


What’s the best cookie in the world? Hell ye, florentines! I like every possible version of it. Mine are similar to what my mum used to make for Christmas, gooey, sweet and a little crunchy. …

Focaccia, airy Italian bread. Italian Bread, Baking Recipes, Shake, Meals, How To Make, Food, Cooking Recipes, Meal, Hoods


As I told you in a recent post the minute my partner had left for Ireland I started to think about foods for one. And one of the first things that popped into my mind was the lovely focaccia! This …

Smaller, tastier and much better. My new apple pie Apple Pie, Baking Recipes, Shake, Tasty, Desserts, How To Make, Food, Cooking Recipes, Postres

Apple Pie 2.0

Autumn has kicked off to a wonderful start over here. Although cold in the mornings (as it should be in a proper autumn) the days amaze with warm sunshine on our faces, while we sit outside and sip…

German Spaetzle with Mushrooms and Camembert. German Spaetzle, Sweet Chestnut, Sunny Days, Pasta Salad, Baking Recipes, Shake, Stuffed Mushrooms, Ethnic Recipes, Food

Spaetzle with Mushrooms

It’s that time of the year, when the leaves start to colour and slowly find their way down to the earth to nurture their trees back into more years of gorgeousness. When we still enjoy a sunn…