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Potelets Ludeo en metal avec des modules additionnels pour permettre une courte pause, Guyon, mobilier urbain.

Guyon potelet LUDEO en metal, peut recevoir des modules additionnels pour servir de tabouret ou de jardinière / Guyon LUDEO metal bollard, to which you can add additional modules, so that they can be used as seats or planters

50 Bancs publics créatifs dans le Monde (40)

Many things shape the face of a city: buildings, bridges, parks, sculptures. even benches! That's right, this simple form of public furniture can also .


This time we want to show you project of Danish artist Jeppe Hein "Modified Social Benches". It's a public art installation that distorts everyone’s favorite park seating surface

GreenPod, un réseau social connecté de jardinage

GreenPod, un réseau social connecté de jardinage

BAMscape - A project by Faulders Studio

BAMscape is a free-form seating environment commissioned by the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive. Installed for a two-year duration, BAMscape provide.

Le banc connecté Soofa, précurseur du mobilier urbain intelligent

Solar-powered smart benches to appear in Boston parks.The benches contain an integrated battery which stores excess unused energy

Thread is a family of portable furniture pieces that include a small stool, bistro table and a high stool - by Hans-joachim Roscher. Cute colours and very practical. would be cute at a little breakfast bar or at a desk.