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Here is another board which will give you all the details on the sweet pleasures I post on the blog! Hope to be able to transform your desserts and "Afternoon Teas" into even more magical moments!

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Special Edition – Almond, Dates & Chocolate Chips Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chips, Vegan Clean, Afternoon Tea, Biscuits, Almond, Sweet Treats, Baking, Dates
Vegan CleanAlmondSweet Treats

Special Edition – Almond, Dates & Chocolate Chips Cookies

When I was preparing those biscuits for the first time, the snow was falling and festive carols were echoing in the winter’s darkness, as we were slowly approaching the end of a tremendous year; wh…

Brownies Crus d’Halloween au Chocolat

Halloween Bloody Raw Chocolate Squares

For a highly sensitive soul like myself, it should not be allowed to watch dramas, well at least this is not recommended. Even tough I might seem quite strong on the surface, I am the kind of perso…

The Five Stars Brownies

The Five Stars Brownies

Honestly, I believe this recipe to be at the very core of my “cooking career”. As I started my healing process, I was looking for healthy sweet recipes, that would lead me to put o…

"The 2016 Apple Compote Recipe", made with a spicy twist and a lot of love! Apple Compote Recipe, Afternoon Tea, Cantaloupe, Spicy, Sweet Treats, Posts, Fruit, Desserts, Blog
CantaloupeSweet Treats

My Raw Raspberry Dreamcake is on the blog! Have a peek...:) Afternoon Tea, Raspberry, Sweet Treats, Cheesecake, Posts, Desserts, Blog, Recipes, Tailgate Desserts
RaspberrySweet TreatsCheesecake

Healthy & Raw Wicked Pumpkin Pie Impressive Desserts, A Pumpkin, Afternoon Tea, Wicked, Sweet Treats, Thanksgiving, Pie, Posts, Dinner
Sweet TreatsThanksgivingDinner

Healthy & Raw Wicked Pumpkin Pie

What would be a Halloween party without a proper dessert, a delicious, easy, impressive dessert you will feel proud of and your guests will thank you for. The first time I ever tasted a pumpkin pie…

Apricot, Peach & Cardamom Summer Crumble Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, Create A Recipe, The Fresh, Afternoon Tea, My Recipes, Sausage, Sweet Treats, Peach, Posts

Apricot, Peach & Cardamom Summer Crumble

At first it seemed obvious. When wondering about what kind of recipe I could create, I remembered that I shared with you all, what felt like a year ago, my recipe for a Spring Strawberry & Rhub…

The Ice Queens – Chocolate Fudgesicles Flavor Ice, Decadent Chocolate, Ice Queen, Afternoon Tea, Queens, Sweet Treats, Vanilla, Ice Cream, Gelato
Flavor IceIce QueenSweet TreatsVanillaIce CreamGelato

The Ice Queens – Chocolate Fudgesicles

Ice cream has always been a key snack and dessert in my childhood. I can easily remember those hot summer days where I would simply put my hand into the freezer and feed on these decadent chocolate…

Decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake Chocolate Ganache Cake, Decadent Chocolate, Chocolate Lovers, Chocolate Fondue, Afternoon Tea, Sweet Treats, Posts, Desserts, Blog
Chocolate Ganache CakeChocolate FondueSweet Treats

Decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake

As most people around the globe, I guess, I am a chocolate lover. A long time ago, I used to eat chocolate every single day, whether it was a chocolate cake, cookies, bars or drinks, it was good as…

Try a little sweetness with this Hot Chocolate Recipe"! Chocolate Heaven, Hot Chocolate Recipes, Afternoon Tea, Sweet Treats, Posts, Desserts, Blog, Tailgate Desserts, Sweets
Hot Chocolate RecipesSweet TreatsSweets