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Our cravings evolve, throughout the times and seasons, as well as with our moods and traumas: what I propose to you is a little adventure to my world, to discover a hundred and one recipes which will make your stomach smile and your body glow.

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Cardamom Roasted Squash, Marinated Wild Rice w/ Chives, Chilli & Lime + A Cashew Cream Roasted Squash, Savory Foods, Cashew Cream, Healthy Vegetables, Wild Rice, Meals For One, Cravings, Lime, Posts
Cashew CreamWild RiceMeals For OneLime

Cardamom Roasted Squash, Marinated Wild Rice w/ Chives, Chilli & Lime + A Cashew Cream

What I truly adore about autumn not only are its beautiful sceneries, the reddish leaves flitting around in the cold breeze, the hot cacao cups and huge comfy and soft jumpers, but all its deliciou…

"Thyme & Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges", fresh out of the oven! Sweet Potato Wedges, Meals For One, Cravings, Carrots, Oven, Posts, Make It Yourself, Fresh, Vegetables
Meals For OneCarrotsOvenVegetables

Autumn Flavours Stuffed Pumpkin Stuffed Pumpkin, Meals For One, Pumpkin Carving, Cravings, Treats, Posts, Autumn, Make It Yourself, Fruit
Stuffed PumpkinMeals For OnePumpkin CarvingAutumn

Autumn Flavours Stuffed Pumpkin

I am pretty sure you’re all familiar with the pumpkin carving tradition of Halloween; if there’s one thing Europeans do at that time of the year, if not dressing up, organising huge parties or tric…

Green Power – Cashew, Basil & Avocado Pesto Pasta Avocado Pesto Pasta, Meals For One, Basil, Risotto, Cravings, Posts, Ethnic Recipes, Green, Blog
Meals For OneRisottoEthnic RecipesGreen

Green Power – Cashew, Basil & Avocado Pesto Pasta

Hello Autumn! I have enjoyed this summer’s warmth, sunlight and flowers but now gladly welcome chilly air, foggy mornings and dead leaves. Thinking about it, it’s weird to notice that we are actual…

The « You’ll never guess what is in there Green Pizza, Eat Pizza, Meals For One, Avocado Toast, Vegetable Pizza, Cravings, Giveaway, Posts, Make It Yourself
Meals For OneVegetable Pizza

The « You’ll never guess what is in there » Green Pizza + Giveaway!

Even though this might have been the first thing that disappeared of my kitchen two years ago, pizza somehow succeeded in making its way back into it, and in the most delicious way. I remember thos…

Late Summer Dinner – Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Tahini Dreamy Quinoa Sweet Potato Green Beans, Late Summer, Tahini, Meals For One, Palak Paneer, Quinoa, Risotto, Cravings, Potatoes

Late Summer Dinner – Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Tahini Dreamy Quinoa

Since the day I have jumped on this digital adventure with you all, I must admit that my life truly has changed. I will not go through all the details but let’s just say that health and lifestyle s…

Revolutionary Salty Buckwheat Granola Buckwheat, Chocolate Flavors, Meals For One, Revolutionaries, Granola, How To Dry Basil, Herbs, Yummy Food, Posts
BuckwheatMeals For OneHow To Dry Basil

Revolutionary Salty Buckwheat Granola

I am not counting the days since I’ve started eating homemade granola in the morning anymore. I’ve created many different variations, from a chocolate flavoured one to a cardamom and vanilla one. I…

Another Brain Food Recipe + my birthday dish: "Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Kale Curry"! 20th Birthday, Brain Food, Chickpeas, Meals For One, Kale, Sweet Potato, Cravings, Curry, Potatoes
20th BirthdayBrain FoodChickpeasMeals For OneKale

Brain Food: Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Kale Curry

Ce curry est tout simplement le repas parfait selon moi. En plus d’être complet, il peut être préparé en très grande quantité et ensuite être réchauffé ou même congelé, il est tout à fait ada…

New recipe on the blog: The "Butternut Quisotto" Meals For One, New Recipes, Cravings, Rice, Make It Yourself, Posts, Food, Cooking Food, Recipes
Meals For OneFoodCooking Food

My first dinner post is all about comfort: This "Sleeping Beauty's Soup" will hopefully guide you in a dreamy but delightful world! Winter Night, Meals For One, Cravings, Soup, Posts, Make It Yourself, Dinner, Blog, Recipes
Winter NightMeals For OneDinner