1971 computer

RCA sells its computer division. RCA was founded in 1919 to make vacuum tubes for radio, then a new invention. RCA began designing and selling its own computers in the early competing with IBM and several other companies

Console of an IBM 360/195 computer from 1971

Console of an IBM computer from 1971 - not really for music studio, but cool history vintage photograph of an early mainframe huge computer.

Vintage National Accounting Machines ad from the 50s.

National Accounting Machines Webb & Knapp, Inc. have been helped by these gigantic machines. Here are several other companies who have felt the wrath of.

IBM 702 Machine – 1955

Ezra Stoller, IBM 702 Machine, 1955 Beyond Architecture, an exhibition of photographs by the artist, is opening at Yossi Milo Gallery on January 2013

Digital office, 1975

This is a pin representing culture from the It's a picture of an office and…


The day when a computer filled up a complete room. Now I can hold a computer in my hand.

EAI TR-24/TR-48 Desk Top Analog Computer Systems Brochure, 1964

(click the pdf link to view the entire brochure) The Univac System (Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation, [ pdf ] Bendix Gene.

IBM 360 in lovely colors

An IBM 360 mainframe in use, compared to a Hollerth calculator on the right

IBM 403 Accounting Machine

The machine in the foreground is an IBM 403 accounting machine where the input are punched cards. The machine in the center is some type of IBM collator, and the one on the right in the background is a 407 accounting machine.

Diebold Cardineer Rotary Files Ad (1943).

Image detail for Ad Diebold Cardineer Rotary Files Office Equipment Business .