1971 computer

RCA sells its computer division. RCA was founded in 1919 to make vacuum tubes for radio, then a new invention. RCA began designing and selling its own computers in the early competing with IBM and several other companies

Console of an IBM 360/195 computer from 1971

Console of an IBM computer from 1971 - not really for music studio, but cool history vintage photograph of an early mainframe huge computer.


Retro Scan of the Week: “Introducing the IBM 5110 Computing System”

Vintage National Accounting Machines ad from the 50s.

National Accounting Machines Webb & Knapp, Inc. have been helped by these gigantic machines. Here are several other companies who have felt the wrath of.

IBM 702 Machine – 1955

Ezra Stoller, IBM 702 Machine, 1955 Beyond Architecture, an exhibition of photographs by the artist, is opening at Yossi Milo Gallery on January 2013

Digital office, 1975

This is a pin representing culture from the It's a picture of an office and…


The day when a computer filled up a complete room. Now I can hold a computer in my hand.

EAI TR-24/TR-48 Desk Top Analog Computer Systems Brochure, 1964

(click the pdf link to view the entire brochure) The Univac System (Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation, [ pdf ] Bendix Gene.