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For the Lord himself shall descend From heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangels, and with the trump of God, the dead in Christ shall rise first: 1 Thessalonians Pictures Of Jesus Christ, Religious Pictures, Jesus Is Coming, Prophetic Art, Jesus Art, God Jesus, Biblical Art, Angel Art, Christian Art

The Real Meaning of the Phrase - Maranatha

Maranatha! - The LORD comes! It is meant to give an upward look in a downward time. The word -maranatha is a phrase (from a Syriac dialect of the Aramaic) that, according to present consensus, means: “our Lord comes.” It is used as a greeting in the early church. As Christian believers gather they express welcomes and departures by saying, Maranatha. Think with me how great it would be if our churches could keep the same upward look today. It would transfigure the churches to a deeper awaren

Jesus Christ the Messiah lives in heaven seated at the Right Hand of God Almighty, celebrated as the authorized, endorsed KING of Kings and Lord of lords. God Highly exalted Jesus Christ by giving … Jesus Pictures, Bible Pictures, Heaven Pictures, Religion, Braut Christi, Image Jesus, Jesus Is Alive, Jesus Christus, Christian Pictures


Jesus Christ the Messiah lives in heaven seated at the Right Hand of God Almighty, celebrated as the authorized, endorsed KING of Kings and Lord of lords. God Highly exalted Jesus Christ by giving Christ Him the NAME above all names so every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to…

A CHAMA VIOLETA - OS MESTRES ASCENCIONADOS: Fraternidade Branca Universal Saint Germain, Reiki, Angelic Symbols, Angel Artwork, Ascended Masters, Egyptian Symbols, Angel Cards, Miguel Angel, Ancient Aliens

Fraternidade Branca Universal

A Grande Fraternidade Branca Universal, representa a alta hierarquia espiritual que assiste a nossa evolução e tem como missão, promover e monitorar o desenvolvimento espiritual em nosso planeta. Ela é parte integrante, de um grupo de inúmeras Fraternidades de Luz, espalhadas pelos Universos. A denominação "branca" refere-se não a raça mas, à aura (halo) de Luz branca que nos envolve. Fraternidade significa respeito às diferenças, através de colaboração, caridade, amor, compreensão, amizade…

Cosmic energy book cosmic energy meditation in hindi,cosmic variance pyramid cosmic energy,tesla cosmic energy cosmic energy today. Reiki, Kundalini, Les Chakras, Everything Is Energy, Chakra Healing, Chakra Art, Yoga Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Cosmic

Introduction to the chakras

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than…

Dharmadhannya: Apelo Diária - Chama Violeta 24.05.2017 Saint Germain, Gaia, Ascended Masters, Sufi, Christen, Wicca, Prayer Quotes, Northern Lights, Saints

Apelo Diária - Chama Violeta 24.05.2017

ORAÇÃO DIÁRIA – VEM RESPLANDECER AQUI CHAMA VIOLETA. Invocação à Chama Violeta - Espirito Santo Vamos orar e orar ... para o amado Espirito Santo A Chama Violeta é poderosa e incorpora o fogo Divino do Espirito Santo que nos abençoa com o dharma, com a purificação, com a liberação dos limites e do carma, com a alegria da harmonia, a misericórdia do amor ,e com saúde. Dissolve vibrações negativas, liberta-nos de obssessores, da magia negra, da mente de um mago da escuridão, inveja, ódio…

Ascended Master Saint Germain's new book on Advanced Alchemy with images by Mario Duguay. Zen, Ascended Masters, How To Improve Relationship, Spiritual Path, Symbolic Tattoos, Creative Activities, Saint Germain, Sufi, Sacred Geometry

Saint Germain Alchemy Book

Saint Germain Advanced Alchemy Book by David C. Lewis. Saint Germain has been called the Wonderman of Europe, the Master Alchemist, the Avatar of Aquarius and the God of Love to the Earth. He comes today to initiate spiritual aspirants into the deeper mysteries of divine truth through up-to-date teachings on advanced alchemy in this book.

Cantinho de Imagens da Guerreira: Raios Cósmicos Chakras, Portal, Star Family, Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, Spiritual Life, Sacred Geometry, Cosmic, Avatar

Raios Cósmicos

Cantinho de Imagens da Guerreira: Raios Cósmicos

Violet Laser Light & Violet Flame for Spiritual Transformation Saint Germain, Transmutation, Llama Violeta, Twin Flame Love, Spiritual Transformation, Angel Images, Ascended Masters, Mystique, Angel Art

Violet Laser Light & Violet Flame for Spiritual Transformation

The violet laser light is an accelerated and focused frequency of the violet transmuting fire. As violet is the seventh and highest frequency within the spectrum of visible light, when projected into any situation or problem it manifests as an energy field of transmutation whereby divine alchemy or cosmic change may manifest. Learn more here.

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Programme de guérison des blessures profondes de l’âme et reconnexion à sa mission de vie divine - Les 12 Rayons Sacrés

Qu’est-ce que l’âme? Votre âme constitue votre essence de vie qui reflète à la fois votre personnalité humaine ainsi que votre personnalité divine, celle de Dieu. Vous êtes une étincelle de vie divine en incarnation venue cheminer sur un chemin d’évolution....