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Make you own CRISPR-Kit - Hackteria Wiki

6 Eye-Opening Stats About Parenting and Smartphones

Hands Free Life - Rachel Macy Stafford

Learn More: all yearn to look back to find we lived a life of significance. But is it even possible anymore? Consi...

Spending A Lot of Time on Your Phone? This Is How Your Child Feels About It.A global survey revealed that children feel unimportant when their parents spend too much time on their mobile phones.

Caregivers Harsher to Children When Absorbed With Smartphones

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Trying to find ways to keep your children entertained can be hard enough. But coming up with ways to do it that don’t cost money is trickier still. Children like being entertained, and they like extravagance. The trouble is these days the cost of living has increased, and average household incomes haven’t. This has left …

CLASH DAILY article: PERVERTED: Planned Parenthood Cell Phone App to Olds, “Having Sex Feels Good” So this makes me think they don't have enough abortions to keep themselves busy, so they are drumming up business at the expense of your daughters.

Forbes study suggests Wi-Fi exposure is more dangerous to kids than previously thought. Smart meters are notably absent from this study, despite the fact that they typically emit radiation pulses of to times stronger than a cell phone in use! Paris Dauphine, Speech Delay, Electromagnetic Radiation, Opinion, Parental Control, Flipped Classroom, Language Development, Child Development, Entryway
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