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Spirituality and Wellness Body and Soul

I have a degree in Child Developmental Psychology and so it is no wonder why I have a passion for learning about spirituality, healing and personality traits. I…
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Gossip and Trust

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NACDL - Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

Protecting your rights

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What Is Outer Child? 12 Tips for Overcoming Self-Sabotage | HuffPost Life


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Deepak Chopra on Instagram: "You may find more daily inspiration on @chopra. 🙏🏾"


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Know Your Value on Instagram: "As we take time off for the holiday season, it's a perfect opportunity to rest and recharge to help prevent burnout. An estimated 43% of women leaders feel burned out, compared to only 31% of men who are at the same level. #KnowYourValue reporter @dpierrebravo explored the causes of burnout among women in leadership roles and how we can combat it through being honest with ourselves and others. ⁠ ⁠ “Leadership isn't about your resume,” wellness expert Jay Shetty tel


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Oprah Daily on Instagram: "✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️"


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Conscious Womaning on Instagram: "Living humanity 💛 #consciouswomaning"
Hello Sunshine on Instagram: "Our new year wish for you ✨💛 #hellosunshine"

Strong Women

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Southern Living on Instagram: "Join us as we pause to reflect on the indelible work of Atlanta born civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His written words, revered speeches, and bold actions as a pastor and president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference made a lasting impact on our region and our country."
Kelly Rutherford on Instagram: "@jaiyajohn ☀️"
R A D A R. on Instagram: "Inspiração! #radarowndesign #madeinportugal #handmade #madewithlove #inspiringquotes #cocochanel"


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Positive Energy+ ✨ on Instagram: "This! ✨ Drop a ❤️ if this resonates right now… 🙌🏻✨ Share the #positivevibes by tapping the airplane ✈️ and save it 🔰 for a #reminder later. Daily inspiration brings growth. We’re in this together! ✨Follow us for more inspiration: ✨ ❤️@powerofpositivity ❤️@positiveenergy_plus ❤️@positivekristen"
Robert A. Ward - Book Collection Sign from Sugarboo Designs is wonderful to hang over a mantle, in a living room, bedroom, office or child's room. The book collection comes in your choice of background colors and size choice listed. All prints come in a Reclaimed Wood Frame. Sizes: 17" x 25" 2' x 3' 3' x 4' Colors: Whi
Positive Energy+ ✨ on Instagram: "Double tap if this resonates You can also spread #positivevibes by tapping the airplane ✈️ and save it 🔰for a reminder later. Daily inspiration brings growth. We’re in this together!🙏🏻🤗 #dailyreminder #reminder #dailyreminders #selfreminder #selfreminders #positive #positiveenergyplus #positiveenergy #pray #prayer"


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Charlotte Freeman on Instagram: "08/365 • I hope you have the courage this year to take that chance, whatever you think of when reading this 🖤 Today’s words are from my first book Everything You’ll Ever Need and you can find them on my profile 🖤 I hope these words find the ones who need to read them today. X"


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Gratitude Quotes


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Good Vibes on Instagram: "An Earth-shattering secret NASA experiment is finally being exposed... All thanks to the brave actions of one rogue NASA scientist. And this top-secret experiment reveals a shocking truth about our DNA. And proves something that the teachings of the ancient chakras have been claiming for thousands of years. That we actually possess Wealth DNA inside of ourselves. You see modern scientists call it “DNA” but ancient eastern teaching referred to it as “chakras.” But

Learning Through Traveling

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Charlotte Freeman on Instagram: “✨ growth ✨ a page from my book Everything You’ll Ever Need (link in bio) Isn't it weird how you can experience situations throughout your…”
Good Vibes on Instagram: “Follow me @goodvibes_goodthoughts   . . #lawofattraction #manifesting #positivevibes #positiveenergy #motivationalquotes #personalgrowth…”


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jess | words on Instagram: "All I have to say is: wow. This is why being an empath is a double edged sword. We desperately want to love people because we know and feel they are hurting. But they often subconsciously hurt us in return because they choose not to heal. They choose to stay in pain. This is why boundaries and self-care is crucial. Crucial for maintaining our peace and helping them heal. 💛 • 📍Kama Bay, Ontario 📣 @noellespoetry_ • #empath #empathproblems #empathy #healing #boundarie
Barbara Kingsolver Quote: “Empathy is really the opposite of spiritual meanness. It’s the capacity to understand that every war is both won and los...”
Meg van Wyk on Instagram: "#Repost @jane_lightworker • • • • • For years we were taught to fit in. This is the time to shine! . Let’s create ART! . . . . . . #love #light #create #inspire #feelings #selfcare #selflove #lightworker #janelightworker #qotd #quotestoliveby #energy #healer #awakener #spiritualawakening #soul #spirit #thirdeye #chakra #yoga #empath #empathsbelik"


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Delight in God| ✝️ on Instagram: "Share with a friend ❤️ Write “Amen” if you agree 🙏 👉 Follow @delight.in.god for daily verses! #christianquotes #jesus #christianmotivation #bibleverse #biblescripture #yahweh #holyspirit #jesusislord #jesuschrist #biblestudy #godfirst #dailybible #dailybibleverse #praisegod #jesusisking #scripture #looktowardsheaven #blessings🙏 #heaveneternallife"
Charlotte Freeman on Instagram: "Dance freely to where you know deep down in your heart you need to be ✨ tag someone who needs to read these words xo PS. At the moment you can purchase any 2 classic prints and get a 3rd free. Link in bio to shop 😘 #growth #moveforward #moveon #letgo #quote #quotes #writersofig #poetry #prose #womenwhowrite #growing #selfimprovement #bloom #blossom #love #lovequote #intuition #spiritual #soul #healing #❤️"
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


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Michelle Obama on Instagram: “For my first season of The #MichelleObamaPodcast, I focused on the different kinds of relationships that make up our lives, speaking to…”
12 Things INFJs Absolutely Hate
21 Signs You’re an INFJ, the Rarest Personality Type

My Myers Briggs Personality

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What is Cumulative Grief, and How do you move through it? This is an excellent article about cumulative grief. Just know there is healing on the other end. You will realize just how strong you are once you understand what you have been through, and you will come out a different person filled with more joy than you ever realized. #support #cumulativegrief #thereishopeaftergrief #wellness #healing #thosewholoveyou #lovedonessupportyou #thankfulforthosewholovedme #grief
Young Lady Embracing Hope And Freedom
Positive Energy+ ✨ on Instagram: "Leave a ‘YES’ if this resonates with you! 🙌🏻 Remember: daily inspiration brings personal growth and #positive change. We’re in this together! *******Are we connected? Follow @powerofpositivity Follow @positiveenergy_plus Follow @positivekristen ******* ——"


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“Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside, you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.” — Naomi Shihab Nye quotes from Quotefancy.com
Debi Rae on Instagram: "Reposted from @everydayspirit1 Someone asked me today what I was doing for fun. Uh oh. There's a good question! 💙 Like a lot of you, I’m slogging through some pretty heavy stuff over here. So this seems like the perfect time to up the spiritual practice of JOY. 💙 I stopped at Peterson’s for ice cream on the way home. Before dinner. I took a left instead of a right and walked the beach before turning into my street. I went out back and talked to the plants. (Yes, my


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Maybe it is the cracks in between the highs and lows in our journey through life that we need to pay attention to in order to find true joy. #enjoythejourney #enjoythemoment #mindfulness #selfcare #selflove #meditation @merzelifestyle
The Hivery | Membership + Events on Instagram: "You are brave. 💛 Keep speaking your truth and inspiring others. We need your unique voice in the world! 💫 . . . . . #bebravebeyou #kindnesscounts #motivationeveryday #womensupportingwomen #speakyourtruth"
The Hivery | Membership + Events on Instagram: "You are creative. 💛 Keep showing up in relationship to creativity, and creativity will show up for you. 💫"


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Step into your light fully and create a world that is fully yours. #selflove
15 Inspiring Quotes to Help You Find Joy | SUCCESS

Well being

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The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery: Lewis, Sarah: 9781451629248: Amazon.com: Books
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking: Cain, Susan: 9780307352156: Amazon.com: Books
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Transformation is growth through suffering. Only through deep honest self-exam can you move through transcendentalizarion. #transcendence #rumi #quote #learn #stagesofchange @merzelifestyle
Give it up to God to deal with. Let go and let God deal with another. It isn’t yours to understand nor fix. Free yourself for abundance and happiness. #quote #god #quotetolivby #faith #spirituality


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