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the geometry of sound - low frequency sounds produce circles as the frequency…

Science mystery: Old Indian diagrams of Chakras and Yantra-Mandalas are strikingly similar to the geometry of sound. As the frequency increases sound patterns are more intricate and complex.

Top of a Red Lacewing butterfly egg Cethosia biblis On this butterfly egg, the…

Red lacewing butterfly egg (Cethosia biblis) - the lacy pattern marks the micropyle, where sperm enters. A similar design appears on the scaly wings that gave the red lacewing butterfly its name. Colorized SEM images from School of Applied Sciences

Rob Kesseler, Seeds by Endless Forms Most Beautiful, via Flickr

A scanning electron microscope captures the honeycomb shape of the Mexican wildflower seed ( Lamourouxia viscosa ). Many wind dispersed seeds have a honeycomb pattern which allows them to travel more effectively. Image via Rob Kesseler