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Title page in Die Schammade. From New York Public Library Digital Collections.

fatagaga - Hans Arp, Max Ernst, Baargeld

DICHOTOMY: A brief meditation on the two poverties, as viewed through Dadaist metaphysical thought.

Suzanne Duchamp

10 Female Dadaists You Should Know

"Broken and Restored Multiplication" on display at the Chicago Art Institute. Oil and silver paper on canvas; 24 x 19 in. x Signed, titled, and dated, l.: "Brisée/Multiplication et/Rétablie/Suzanne Duchamp

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Dada layout, Two Poems, by Tristan Tzara, Page 14 of Der Dada

Various Dada Periodicals

Table of Contents: Dada's Visual Communication; After All Everyone Dances to His Own Personal Boomboom Dada Typography and Aesthetics .

Revue Dada, Zurich et Paris, 1917-1921 - ShigePékin

Francis Picabia, Réveil Matin (Alarm Clock), Dada Number 15 May 1919 - Francis Picabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia