Les extraordinaires photos-camouflages  de Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin “The Invisible Man" - Hiding in the City No. 17 — People’s Policeman, 2006

Chinese artist Liu Bolin is known as the invisible man for creating artworks where he appears to blend into the scenery.

The invisible man - Liu Bolin says his art is a protest against the actions of the Government, who shut down his art studio in 2005 and persecutes artists.

Liu Bolin - "the invisible man" an artist whose mission is to become invisible, in protest of the oppressive Chinese government.

Liu Bolin, l'artiste qui se fond dans le paysage

The individual ceases to exist in Liu Bolin’s Hiding in the City series. TOP TO BOTTOM, Hiding in the City © Liu Bolin China is now in a paradox of adopting capitalist values and economic dreams which exist within an.


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The Best Of Master Camouflage Artist Liu Bolin

Chinese artist Liu Bolin paints his body to camouflage into urban environments.

Cecilia Paredes

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"BRUISED BEHIND THE MASK” by Daryna Barykina - Both Laila and Mariam were being abused by Rasheed, however they could not complain about it to anyone or they would be punished. They had to put on a face and pretend everything was okay.

Quentin Shih史晓凡

Vogue. Revolución

orientallyyours: “ Inspired by model operas, Vogue China created the military themed editorial “A Fashion Revolution” for the April 2010 issue, with photographer Quentin Shih (Shi Xiao Fan), fashion.

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The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork - Telegraph

It's safe to say that Liu Bolin is a modern-day magician. In 2007, his advanced camouflage art exploded onto the art scene as we were all left speechless, scratching our heads at how body paint could seamlessly blend a person into their background.

More Incredible Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

The Invisible Man: Liu Bolin covers himself with paint to blend into his backgrounds.