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34 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

34 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

What color is your bike?

I was telling my parents tonight about different genders and sexualities (I came out as bi-ace tonight) and they just don't understand and it's sad >>>> good luck pal

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Am I the only one who sang that....?

After looking at Bee and Puppycat fanart all I see is lots of Bees licking up the spilt milkshake

This levitating death orb is known as the sun. We are now aware of what Night Vale has done to us.

The female body is sexualized so much it's disgusting. Like shoulders are normal?? My stomach is normal?? Bra straps are normal?? I've literally had a friend tell me she didn't sign up to see porn when I took off my cardigan because it was hot. Huh???- Mangekyo✨

My body parts aren't normal? Obviously, you need some fucking education on human decency.

Guys. Breasts are just fatty tissue that can produce milk to feed babies. That's it. They. Are. Not. Sexual. Organs.

Seriously though! Breastfeeding is not sexual; it's mammals natural way of providing substance for their offspring! (And yes humans are mammals) And breasts are just secondary sex characteristics! Adam’s apples are secondary sex characteristics