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i'd never get a tongue piercing either but they're subtle and cute, i love how you can't see it till they talk and even then it's tiny

Get venom bites

Which ones best? #Fashion #piercing #style #rate #love #amazing

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thinking i want my tongue piercing like this

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Tongue piercing that doesn't look trashy.

Crazy shit! Id never pierce my tongue,  but kudos who do, major balls there xD

Want a tongue web piercing sooo bad!

Here are the Top Types of Piercings You’ll Want to Get!  We listed the top 20 types of piercings you will want to get with insights and pictures. Get to see how your future piercing will look like before...  #Piercings #TypesofPiercings #InkDoneRight #BodyPiercing

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I want the double tongue piercing baad kiss,lips,tongue,biting,play Seductive erotic sexy

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So amazing  ❤️

Since my tongue piercing closed.

Pierce my tongue

Tongue piercings, but WARNING: Your tongue will swell up, and there is a chance for serious infections

If I were to ever get a tongue ring, i would get just one, but with a small stud. like this size. #snakebitespiercing

If I were to ever get a tongue ring, i would get just one, but with a small stud. like this size. #snakebitespiercing

Double tongue and septum piercings                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Venom piercing with septum

Piercings, septum piercing, double tongue piercing/ snake eye piercing

Venom piercings soon

Double tongue piercings this one is cute but I don't think I'd ever get it.

Tongue piercing has become very popular among teens. Tongue piercings look very attractive, but you should take certain precautions while going for tongue piercing. You should pierce your tongue on…

Double Tongue Piercing c:

Venom bites n purple hair xo

Venom tongue piercing! I would love to have it but I'm too scared...

18 Snake Eyes Piercing Examples with Information Guide

I like the double nose .double pierced nose and tongue, black lipstick