Dreadlocks :: #dreadstop

Dreadlocks :: very nice.

kids with dreads ☯ ☮ ♥

big and little locs. This is my friend and dreadlock artist, Amy :) :)


Dreads with bangs

Ombré dreadlocks ❤️

Ombré dreadlocks on a stunning women. You work them dreads girl!

#Dreads kinda like mine

love her dreads

Ombre Dreads

beyondmetaphysics: “ Photo by Fred Shavies Jewelry and styling : Birds of a Feather Model : Luna Angel.

Crochet Mandala Faery Goddess Vest in Wool and Silk por Wyldeskye

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Bohemia ~ Jennifer van der Harten / Omnia ♥

Bohemia dreads worn by Jennifer from Dutch band Omnia - love this look.

dreads....blast from the past Hattie & Brenda remember those dreads on that singer?

dreads tie 'em up done.

i would love to do dreadlocks for the summer but people would just make fun of me. I wish i didn't care what people think.

I secretly want dreadlocks.

✌️ Messy Souls ✌️

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dreadlocks :: #dreadstop (super if I would look like that when I'm old, maybe a tat bit bigger haha)

dreadlocks :: (super if I would look like that when I'm old, maybe a tat bit bigger haha)

Local organic hippie tee is the cutest thing we have ever seen!  All printed on eco-friendly tees with eco-friendly ink.

Local Organic Hippie

Local Organic Hippie - Organic Tees for kids (& adults)

Hornegg Festival

Hornegg Festival

Medium dreads

Medium dreads

Soft grunge teal turquoise long hair mermaid color summer

Hair Chalk - If you’d like to try this teal-inspired hair color.