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As a christian, it is important to carry our bibles so that we can mediate on the word throughout the day.

Christian Bucket list: carry Bible at school Planning on doing this in high school at some point

two moms Johnson's baby

Spotlight Series: 2 Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day For The First Time

Actual Relationship Goals .. Studying Actually vomiting

5 Bible Verses That Should Be Your Actual 'Relationship Goals'


Have my mother help me to choose my wedding dress. Fortunately, I got this for the first dress. Wish she could be there for the vow renewal.


Read the Entire Bible ~ # 55 on My Bucket *Started reading the Bible on January 2015 and finished reading on April 2015 - Awesome!

I'm determined that there is a guy out there for me that does all of these... Still lookin'!

I've never been a fan of pets after i had to give my dog away as a child Confession! :'( but i come to know how to Love every beautiful creation :] someday