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Harry Styles , working at hamburger restaurant . Zayn Malik , comes to Harry's working place everyday .

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! So I saw This Is Us this morning and I... Like OMFG! I still can't really comprehend how amazing this was! It was in three d and my friend Cammy just about died with every word! Lol I won't give any spoilers but those of you who have seen it comment your favorite part and/or person. If you haven't seen it, don't look at the comments. :)

you are amazayn and are so perf! You are a perfect singer too btw(:

Liam , Zayn and Harry...just so beautiful and clean cut and and ... just look at this those faces !

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zayn and harry <3

if i had of been within ten miles of them i would have ran to them and simultaneously made out with them both.

Zayn casually cheaking himself out. Vain Zayn

My favorite part of the video :) zayn checking himself out hahahahahahhaha

one direction 2012 - Buscar con Google

zayn at the olympics :D officially in love with his highlights. and I totally called the blonde hair like 3 months ago!