Las Hynas Had so much fun being apart of Gangster Clown Pt. Its a legit movie, i cannot wait for you guys to see it.

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Robin Antin in Robin Antin, original member of The Pussycat Dolls, and fellow choreographer Mikey Minden go ethnic as they show off their costumes outside of Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood

chola costume

Mexican Cholas | cholas - esto es una foto de lo que e querido ser siempre una chola ...

chicanas cholas - roxi_666

how to do chola makeup

How To Do Chola Makeup

Chola makeup is all about the eyes and lips. Learn how to do chola makeup with the mentioned chola makeup tutorial.

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Mexican gangster costume for Gill - flannel, white wife beater tee, bandana, khaki pants on the low, black belt + teardrop "tattoo" with eyeliner - perfect male look for my day of the dead/mdb

Chola makeup look by Yvette Love. (Hickies are not real, they are part of the look lol)

The eye makeup would be AWESOME for a Halloween costume of some sort, like a witch or some other ghoul.