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Which is why I am so damn glad I kept a journal. I had forgotten so much of the terrible crap M did... abuse amnesia is apparently a thing.

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goodlifequoteru.com – Life, Love, Black and White #Quotes / #Quote and more for #Girl and #Boy

Wow!! Deep shit you find in between other Words

She is broken because she believed. Sad but true and funny!

Quotes stars darkness

Quotes stars darkness

I don't want to forget you.  But remembering what used to be is killing me.

But remembering what used to be is killing me.


Letting go so I can be free--holding onto toxic friendships is like holding this balloon--the only way to be free of it is to just let it go.

Love yourself before you fall for someone else....

Sleep Doesn't Help If Your Soul Is Tired.I need more sleep, AND my soul is tired.


quote "forget the past. remember the lesson.

Nunca cambié, sólo aprendí.

I'm tired of people telling me "you've changed." Because I grew up? Because I realized a lot of things? I'm 22 years old! I'm not always going to be that naive old. I'm constantly learning.

<3 soul

Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul. So true, and dealing with my soul would be impossible without my GOD.

Die Erinnerung ist wie ein alter Hund, sie legt sich hin wo sie mag

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I wish we could choose which memories to remember


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"Laughing is an dwill always be, the best form of therapy." Words to live by. Nothing feels better than a deep belly laugh.

The good and the bad

The bad news, nothing lasts forever. The good news, nothing lasts forever. - Get inspired, click the pin for more pick-me-ups

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