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"SPOT" Yellow Lab Print by Ron Schmidt. This Labrador Retriever is a true optimist - he's always looking up, no matter what may fall!

Why dogs are better than cats.

Respect the dogs

Funny pictures about The ultimate dog. Oh, and cool pics about The ultimate dog. Also, The ultimate dog photos.

Sometimes all you ne

Sometimes all you need is a friend.

Sometimes all you ne


Funny pictures about Family picture. Oh, and cool pics about Family picture. Also, Family picture.

just believe.....

How To Take Your Life To The Next Level, As Presented By Puppies

SO CUTE! Our pup was having trouble with the stairs too but he's finally got the hang of them . going up at least. Down is still a challenge.

I so need a wife!To hug and press tightly to myself and sleep near every night and day and second!

30 Animal Pictures That Will Make You A Better Person

Funny pictures about When dogs hold hands. Oh, and cool pics about When dogs hold hands. Also, When dogs hold hands.

Horsing around.

Best photos of the week (86 Photos)

To a big dog a horse is just a bigger dog. My dog doesn't understand why my mom's horses don't want to play with him. Seriously, Kolby doesn't get it. oh please, bring your puppy over for a playdate! We've got horses that play with our dogs all the time

One step at a time little doggie ....

One step at a time little doggie ....