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Teknologi Terbaru dan Tercanggih Saat Ini | Foto: stocknewsdesk(dot)comPekembangan teknologi dari ta - 415142

An incredible flying car that will allow drivers skip traffic jams and take to the skies has been unveiled. The AeroMobil 3 was unveiled at a technology conference in Vienna.

10 лучших автомобилей амфибий (видеo)

10 лучших автомобилей амфибий (видеo

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A two seater jet fighter style electric hyper car that is able to transform to an open-wheel car.

Luxury Car Lifestyle: The Lambo 'Batventador' gets some new cool Comic Book artwork Carhoots

The 550mph Batmobile that flies! California designers reveal matt black flying car powered by a jet engine. Car expected to cost between $3-5m.   3500-lb thrust jet engine can fly to 12,000 m and speeds of 885 km. Electric motor can reach 120mph on the road.

California designers reveal flying car powered by a jet engine

California designers reveal flying car powered by jet engine

Flying Cars of the Future | futuristic-car-volkswagen-ego-car-concept-for-2028-01.jpg

Future Transportation - Futuristic vehicle: Volkswagen Ego Car Concept for 2028

High-Tech 360: Yee! Flying car

The YEE flying car concept (South China University of Technology)

Flying car | andrew-solesburys-libellula-flying-car_GfPfr_3868.jpg

Flying car | andrew-solesburys-libellula-flying-car_GfPfr_3868.jpg

Terrafugia TF-X Flying Car

Terrafugia Tf-x Flying Car

Bentley Arome (d B)

Bentley Commissions RCA Students to Design Futuristic Concepts - Carscoop