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The River Styx.

The River Styx. Zippertravel

The River Styx.

In December 2011, lava flows from Kilauea Volcano made a long journey to the sea. more from volcano researcher Stephen O’Meara.

In December lava flows from Kilauea Volcano made a long journey from to the sea. See photos from volcano researcher Stephen O’Meara on earthSky.

Firestorm: Centuries of mining have created the incredibly rich colours in the water

Fire in the sky? Incredible pictures of flame-coloured twister were actually taken in a river running through a mine

This is the reflection of a river running through a mine, rotated to resemble a tornado, along the Rio Tinto in Huelva, Spain. (Copyright Tomas Bogonez/Solent News & Photo Agency) Must-see March 2013 on MSN Photos

volcano lava kilauea hawaii

River 2 the Sea- Winner of the Windland Smith Rice Awards for the category of Power of nature. This image was on display in the Smithsonian museum of Natural History Volcano lava kilauea hawaii CJ Kale

Knowledge is being aware that fire can burn.  Wisdom is remembering the blister.  -Leo Tolstoy

i can sit forever watching fire

Author's ponderance: There is not many things as soothing as a quiet fire. It makes you wonder how it can be so baneful at the same time. [Original Post: fire]

The tongues of fire represent how the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles during Pentecost, bestowing the gifts which are given during Confirmation.

Lava - a never to come true dream of mine is to ride a canoe down a lava river. Crazy I know, it came to me during a college geography class.

°Pahoehoe Lava - One of the more interesting types of pahoehoe lava is called ropey pahoehoe & looks like a series of twisted ropes spaced evenly along the ground. The twisted ropes may be fairly straight, or may loop & wind in & out much like a fingerpr


Picaya, Guatemala, 2009 I walked/hiked/rode a horse to the top of this volcano! Pacaya volcano near Guatemala City is one of Guatemala's most active volcanoes, and its frequent eruptions are often visible from Guatemala City.

Volcanic Moonrise.  Karen met up with her husband Wayne when he went on leave in Hawaii, while doing his second tour in Vietnam in 1966.  The kids stayed with Grandmother Amy O'Meara, who made Suzie a lei out of her fancy petunias, and who took baby Jeff to the Blackwell Hospital Emergency Room when his fever wouldn't go down.  He lived to tell the tale.  He may not remember how scared Grandma was, but I sure do.

/ Photo "Moonrise with full moon" by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio Popocatepetl Cholula Puebla México.

Fire was so easy. Easy to make, at least. He was still working on the control. But the power just flowed from his fingers and he could make it dance with a flick of his wrist, going higher and higher until he felt like a God. --Coryn

slabbb-blockkk-hilarious: “ Fire Woman Bill Viola 2005 Video/sound installation Performer: Robin Bonaccorsi Photos: Kira Perov Courtesy Bill Viola Studio and Kaldor Public Art Projects ”