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Kalenin Dibinde

Taught at Princeton Folk Dance Feb.

"Les Saluts" canadian folk song MOVEMENT

"Les Saluts" - a Folk Dance from Canada (Senior Infants & Perfect for earlier grades with stop/go comparative!

Circassian Circle - YouTube Irish washer woman music done as a circle dance with rotating partners

The Irish Washerwoman music is a Jig but there are no hop skip moves with this - just rotating partners in an easy peasy beginners circle dance.

Rob Amchin - Folk dance "Carnavalito" performed by members of the Greater Chicago Orff Association.

Orff Dance Rob Amchin--Carnavalito Dance performed by members of the Greater Chicago Orff Association

Folk Dance - Seven Jumps (Denmark) - YouTube

Primary School Folk Dance Syllabus Video Demo Please pardon the quality as it is extracted from a 10 year old VCD.


Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Hungarian dancers balance bottles on their heads! These are my native people!

Dance CompanyTraditional Hungarian folk dances In the old layer the weapon dances and dances closely related to them, the ax and stick dances, are still danced today by shepherds and gypsies. Kanasz Tánc is an example of this old type of dance. Another dance type which belongs to the old layer includes the "jumping" dances.

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble - regarded as one of the best in Hungary, was established in

In 1948, the Russian dance troupe Berezka formed, taking its name from the Russian word for birch tree. Audiences were mesmerized by its special step, hidden beneath the dancers’ long, flowing dresses. They appear to actually float over the floor! Skip to about 1:30 in the video to see this effect.

Amazing Folk Dancers Float across the Stage

These Russian Folk Dancers seem to be floating as dolls in a music box: Russian Folk Dance "Berezka".