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Even before the first prototype took to the air, the Navy ordered the J7W1 into production,[9] with a quota of 30 Shinden a month given to Kyushu's Zasshonokuma factory and 120 from Nakajima's Handa plant.[9] It was estimated some 1,086 Shinden could be produced between April 1946 and March 1947.

World of Warplanes theme picture by Wilton Thomas

Pinturas Aviación II Guerra Mundial : Photo

The Fock Wulf 190 would attack the bombers more deeply in the Reich airspace, Reich May 1943

幻の航空戦 | AviationArt(模型飛行機バカの日記) - 楽天ブログ

幻の航空戦 | AviationArt(模型飛行機バカの日記) - 楽天ブログ

bmashina: “  Battleship Nagato in July 1927 ”

The "Teufelskette" or better known as the "Nowotny Schwarm" was the name of the most famous Luftwaffe team of the Eastern Front which included four pilots/friends, the famous Walter Nowotny and his.

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