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I'm so glad the nearest Walmart is 100 miles from where I live ~ you people scare me with your Walmart pictures and jokes.

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Ha Ha Ha

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Bad things happen when I'm happy

Afraid to be happy

Thanks M.S.

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They bought to kill each other if things didn't work.....but end up doing this after everything goes well

Yaa if the girl gets angry she is like a devil or beast holding a knife in her hand 😁


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Wait, the voices in my head aren’t real!

And a finger button too.

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Thinking out loud

Based on the look on your face, I assume I thought OUT LOUD Again, New Funny Minions pictures PM, Sunday July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

I thought air was free

All my life I thought air was free. until I bought a bag of chips.

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