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Vintage film poster

Gypsy Purple Loves.......

Vintage film poster

Looking for a boy, 1926 (ill.: [ Roger De Valerio ]); ref. 472

"Looking For A Boy" ~ 1926 Sheet music cover illustrated by Roger De Valerio.

Summer in Germany. Design by Ludwig Hohlwein

Ludwig Hohlwein - part 5

Vintage film poster

Vintage film poster

Anatoly Belsky, poster for Five Minutes, directed by Alexander Balagin and Georgy Zelondzhev-Shipov, 1929, lithograph. Collection of Merrill C. Berman

See the Avant-Garde Photos that Helped Spread Soviet Communism

Anatoly Belsky poster for Five Minutes 1929 The Jewish Museum - The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film

1930. [Affiche russe] [représentant un travailleur marteau sur l'épaule, sur fond d'usines ] : [affiche] / [non identifié]. Russian poster depicting a worker with hammer on his shoulder in front of a factory.

politics aside, old soviet propaganda art/posters/etc makes for some very cool art


"Café COMPOSITION DES MOINES" Affiche originale entoilée Litho René VINCENT 1925


Because I love you, 1926 (ill.: Fabien Loris); ref. 1331

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"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, For Ice Cream" .. vintage sheet music.

Ice Cream Can you read the small letters above Ice Cream? My father used to sing this to us all the time.

Any Ice To-Day Lady? 1926 So cute. From Ebay

Sheet Music Cover Pictures and Photos

Vintage Sheet Music and dramatic artwork... "Kiss Your Little Baby Good Night".. Aww!

Vintage Sheet Music and dramatic artwork. "Kiss Your Little Baby Good Night".

Cover Sheet Music by Willy Herzig, 1929, "Dis-moi: je t'aime!". (G)

Cover Sheet Music by Willy Herzig, "Dis-moi: je t'aime!

It must be you, 1920 (ill.: [ Roger De Valerio ]); ref. 2257

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"Down the Field" sheet music, Sam DeVincent Collection of Illustrated American Sheet Music,

vintage sheet music with food theme - Google Search

The Lobster Glide sheet music,

art deco sheet music - Google Search

'Rag-Time Parade', composed by Erik Satie, Paris, 1919