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Pearlapis quickie by Slackerburst on DeviantArt

Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli 03 by theEyZmaster

Help out a poor artist!

Steven universe,фэндомы,Pearl (SU),SU Персонажи,Lapis Lazuli,SU comics,SU gemsona,Fusion

Pearl and Lapis fusion

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Fuck it I'll ship it

pearl and lapis

pearl and lapis

They're great friends

newest submissions : stevenuniverse (amethyst is looking at peridot's cleavage)

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Lion: Origins ||| Rose Quartz and Lion ||| Steven Universe Fan Art by porto881 on Tumblr

Lion: Origins this headcanon is p nonsensical but it was good practice —————————————————————————————————- Patreon

I just enjoy screaming LAPEARL. Not a big fan of "pearlapis" as the ship name.

Lapis and pearl


Found on

*holds hands extra gayly to win*<<so many gay hands

su, stevenuniverse

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out

Catching you when you fall~

Pearl and Lapis Lazuli - Steven Universe