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Dang man I can't even tell you how weird but cool and fuuny that is

Thank you for whoever that did this

Jimin probably loved it! Ahh I can't hug this army because I don't know who it is but I'll give you a mental hug

To be fair quite a few did but srsly to see him do it again was the cutest thing

He's such an awesome human being srsly

BTS || Jungkook || Jimin

Manager-nim knows wats up. This noona melts when she sees Jimin n Jungkook

are you fucking kidding me? how dare anyone bully him for wearing glasses grow the fuck up

I don't get why people hate on him bc he wears this kind of glasses. It's obvious that he looks really good wearing them! but whats wrong with wearing glasses?

So cute ^^

Tae is so considerate isn't he XD >>> but no. Look at how gorgeous Jimin looks in that first phont😍😍😍


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LOL Poor V | allkpop Meme Center