Alexander Jansson

Artist Alexander Jansson create all kinds of mesmerizing, mind-bending illustrations in his recent work. Each mixed media scene has a quirky, surreal natur

Gif by Oamul

Happy New Year, and Thank you

Children's Illustrations by Paolo Domeniconi.

Children’s Illustrations by Paolo Domeniconi

Una estrella me cayó encima, viene de El Principito

"Sharpshooting Star" by Denis Zilber - Did the shooting star fell on a skier? Star fell in love with the skier.

Mary Fedden, R.A. (b. 1915)

Mary Fedden, R. 'Farewell' signed and inscribed by Mary Fedden. "I have always liked the romantic feeling of 'Farewell' and have painted it in many different forms.

Paolo Domeniconi

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