Crows Ravens:  #Crow.

Crow Death and War, Male warrior energy, Council, Wisdom, Resourcefulness…

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Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves - Crows: an old rhyme - pictures by Heidi Holder -

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The owl seems to have a more gentle image in mythology than the crow / raven . Even though the owl has dark meanings in some cultures . Raven and Moon ~ Etsy .

Raven is surveying it's Countryside whilst sitting on a Beautiful Sunflower! by Rima Staines

"Summer Crow" and sunflower by Rima Staines of The Hermitage

'Generations' - Watercolor and colored pencil with ink.  This is by my friend Stephanie Lostimolo... She is my all time fave raven artist!  Brilliant work!!!  Prints are available in her shop:​nethersphere

Generations - Celtic Raven Triple Goddess Shaman by Stephanie Lostimolo.

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Brier Patch Ravens

Steven and Harvey, the guides provided through Stag. They brought the Garou to the first gate.

Some believe what separates men from animals is our ability to reason. Others say it's language or romantic love, or opposable thumbs. Living here in this lost world, I've come to believe it is more than our biology. What truly makes us human is our unending search, our abiding desire for immortality. - Arthur Conan Doyle

Indigo Bunting vintage print - may be used for artwork I f credit to source is given

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Crows Ravens:  #Crow.

My Favorite Raven pic. Druid Animal Oracle produced by Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm…