Stevie Nicks: a survivor's story Love this pic!

Stevie Nicks: a survivor's story

Stevie Nicks with Mick Fleetwood

And then Stevie and Lindsey made out for an hour on this bed after the photo shoot was over.


it's Stevie life ~ she calls the shots as to who portrays her in a movie, if a movie's ever made ♥❤♫❤♥

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Classic Stevie Nicks 'Rock A Little' album era photo-this outfit is beautiful. Photo by HWWIII, courtesy of Rosemary Canteli.

Stevie Nicks

I think "Rhiannon" and "Gypsy" are two songs I have the earliest memories of. (Which is weird because my mom wasn't a Fleetwood Mac fan.

My god those lips.

My god those lips.